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Human services plan for Waterloo

Council has released some more LAHC masterplan studies relating to Waterloo South. Also, DCJ District has received funding to undertake work on human service improvements in Waterloo.

Ministers agree to Waterloo cuts

Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) defunded the Waterloo Community Development, Aboriginal Liaison and Bilingual Workers (Mandarin and Russian) in June. Local organisations, Counterpoint Community...

Aboriginal affordable housing a crucial priority

The place we call Redfern and Waterloo has been home to Aboriginal people for 60,000 years. It has offered belonging, safety and inclusion for...

Support for people most at risk

The global health crisis continues to have a devastating impact on people living on the streets and in places where they are not safe. What is being done to help?

Waterloo lacks human services plan

The Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) and the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ formally FACS) have not yet confirmed their commitment to the delivery of a Waterloo human services plan in parallel with the master plan.

‘You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet’ probes future for home support

How do most people receive aged care? In a nursing home? If you said yes, you’d have to guess again.

Introducing Pam Jackson

Pam Jackson has joined Inner Sydney Voice (ISV) to provide culturally-appropriate advice to Aboriginal community organisations and housing tenants of issues relating to the Waterloo redevelopment.

Introducing Nina Serova

Nina Serova will work closely with residents and agencies to ensure that they have the tools and information they need to take their views on the Waterloo redevelopment to government.

Masterplan released – what is next

No residents will be relocated in 2019 and not for at least another 10 years for those living in the high-rises.

‘Something for everybody … created by everybody’

The Waterloo community has the capacity to inform and assist government in developing a great masterplan for the future of the area.

Resilience rewarded

Inner Sydney Voices program 'Building Disaster Resilience in Social Housing Communities' won the NSW Community Resilience Award.

Tenants shocked by loss of local services

Redfern and Waterloo tenants were shocked to hear that Laura Kelly and David White would depart by late November.

Testing times for Waterloo

Community days will be held 10-2pm on October 13 and 2-5pm on October 26 at Waterloo Green.

The waiting game is over

On August 2 the Minister for Social Housing, Pru Goward, released three options for the Waterloo estate.

Build-to-rent model sparking community interest

Redfern Housing Estate redevelopment will be the NSW government’s first mixed housing site to use the build-to-rent model.

A missed opportunity?

The non-statutory period for the Waterloo Metro Quarter proposal, showing what will go above the station, has been and gone – you might have missed it.

Changing roles at Counterpoint Community Services

New roles for Laura Kelly and Natasha Sitanala.

About treecanopy, watersquares and foodroofs

Ambitions for creating a resilient and sustainable community in Waterloo.

Community Resilience Committee blossoms

“We now have 15-20 people in the Committee, and they have met four times. People are coming to me asking if they can...

Healthy start to better support services

Over 100 health practitioners, health administrators, tenants and representatives of agencies met about the current and future health needs of the Waterloo area.

Communities prepare to have their say

Inner Sydney Voice has published a special Waterloo Redevelopment edition of its magazine to help the community get ready to have its say.

Preventing the preventable

A new project to ensure high-rise social housing buildings and their tenants are prepared in the case of emergencies.

Your input for ‘visioning phase’

Waterloo Estate is buzzing with redevelopment-related activities at the moment.

Get involved, have your say

Now is the time to get involved, have your say and be a part of the future vision for Waterloo.

Significant developments

Master planning process for Waterloo Estate redevelopment kicked off by State Significant Precinct announcement

 Who’s who in Waterloo – April 7, 2017

A guide to the groups currently working on the Waterloo Public Housing Estate redevelopment.

Independent assistance for master planning

Kira Osborne and Thomas Chailloux have started work to independently resource tenants and community during planning for the Waterloo redevelopment.