Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Campaign will push on to strengthen affordable rental targets

NSW government has adopted Sydney Alliance calls for lower-income affordability targets in new developments.

Affordable housing – governments must act

All levels of government have responsibilites to act.

Time for leadership on unaffordable rental crisis

Nadine Carrick pays 70 per cent of her income on rent – and her story is by no means unusual in Sydney’s crisis of unaffordable housing.

Affordable Housing Assembly sends strong message to Minister

Inclusionary targets should be applied to whole developments, not only the 'uplift'.

Housing affordability – time for NSW to turn words into action

Housing experts and NGOs argue a 15-30 per cent minimum for affordable housing should apply to all units in new developments.

Government must take a lead in building housing affordability

NSW Government and its Greater Sydney Commission must take the lead with 15 per cent minimum affordable housing in all major new developments.