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Local artists express community concerns

The inaugural Blak & Blu art award for ink on A4 paper nears its official launch on December 11, 2-4pm, at the Orchard Gallery in Waterloo.

Start-up easing affordable housing search for tenants

Collecting information about historical events is like a treasure hunt for this year’s Inner West Council (IWC) Citizen of the Year, Chrys Meader.

Calls eased isolation for vulnerable in lockdown

NEWTOWN: Just a simple phone call was all that was needed to help vulnerable members of a community stay connected while in lockdown during...

Older women should never be homeless

Mercy Foundation is working to address this injustice.

Practical local action on homelessness

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre’s second annual “Newtopian Sleepout” aims to raise $100,000.

Cold night out in support of homeless

CEO Sleepout for six years raises funds for the services of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Honouring lives, lamenting the plight of many homeless

Honouring the lives of recently deceased “street people” – strangers, friends, family.

Helping those most at risk of homelessness

You might have noticed more people sleeping rough and wondered what you can do to help.

Festivalgoers have a heart for Newtown’s homeless

From her gleaming Palace of Wonderment, ink artist Flutter Lyon captured stories told to her by Newtown Festivalgoers on November 13 to create a large pressing for the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre. 

Newtopia – justice, inclusion, action and fun

I am passionate about the Newtown Vibe. It’s not an easy thing to explain and we may not all agree on what it actually is, but a lot of people nod their heads when you talk about it! They agree that there is something unique and special about this place. Something that is worth protecting.

Big Issue Vendor Profile: Drew

“I used to sleep on a bench in Camperdown Park. I did it for about seven months. “I was doing casual warehouse work and rented...

Habitable and affordable homes

The saying goes, "You can judge a city by the way it treats its poorest citizen," Councillor Linda Scott reminded Labor politicians at the ALP's 47th National Conference.

Joint statement on housing affordability

Housing and homelessness is reaching a crisis point in NSW. Peak bodies have issued a joint statement outlining their position.

Club donation helps accommodation service

WATERLOO: The Garden Shelter accommodation service for men experiencing homelessness has received a donation of $1,000 from Club Redfern.

Rough sleepers claim rough treatment

GLEBE: For more than a year, a community of homeless people has been living in tents under the tramline at Wentworth Park. The community has been there for more than a year. Despite Council policy which refers to working with the homeless in a respectful and compassionate way (via a dedicated homelessness unit and a number of services and outreach programs), the rough sleepers have accused the City of Sydney of insensitive action.

Housing for everyone

Something truly remarkable happened in the USA about three months ago. It was incredible and it was one of the most positive illustrations of the power of community to ever come out of the social-safety-net basket case that is the United States. It is a pity that it got no coverage in Australia.

Current issues in disability, homelessness and mental health services

Disability in everyday, occupational and social functioning is higher for those living in marginal accommodation than other social groupings.

Older women and homelessness

Often, women are described as the hidden homeless, staying with friends or relatives, in cars or sheltering in women’s refuges. On April 14, 2014, the Mercy Foundation launched the findings of a report, they commissioned from University of Queensland's Dr Maree Petersen and Dr Cameron Parsell, which investigated older women’s homelessness and effective pathways out of homelessness for this group.

Sydney needs more affordable housing

The sale of up to 300 public housing properties in Millers Point, The Rocks and Gloucester Street stands to further intensify the issue of homelessness in Sydney.

More young people falling by the Wayside

KINGS CROSS: Demand on youth services in Kings Cross is growing as more young people drift into the area.

More affordable and accessible housing needed

Despite a decrease in the official number of Sydney’s homeless, experts are warning of rising numbers of street sleepers unless more affordable housing is made available.

What a life! – Valé Col James AM(1936-2013)

If Col James had a passion, it was undoubtedly housing – not just the creation of a building but adding to the lives of so many, often vulnerable people who longed for a home. He used his architectural skills to engage with all sorts of groups of people – students, Aboriginal communities and the homeless. Gentle soul that he was, he was still a very determined fighter.

Milk Crate creativity

In December Milk Crate Theatre was presented the Macquarie Group Foundation’s Social Innovation Award in recognition of its community shows program, Australia’s only ongoing theatre program devised “by the homeless community for the homeless community”. Long-time participant, Helen (not her real name), spoke with the SSH about acting, artistic collaborations and developing skills for life.

Quality care for disadvantaged seniors

REDFERN: A much-needed new aged care facility has opened its doors in Redfern to people who have experienced significant social and financial disadvantage, including homelessness.

Solving the housing crisis

As house prices climb beyond the reach of more families and rents rise even faster, more and more Australians are experiencing housing stress. Instead of seeking solutions to this crisis, the NSW Government has turned its back on the problem in the vain hope that the markets will solve it. The markets have no interest in people in stress, low socio-economic groups and especially the homeless. The problems are set to get a whole lot worse.

Teens in custody rarely a good idea

Is it a good idea to lock up teenagers who are charged with crimes? Except in rare cases – no. Do most kids charged with criminal offences get locked up? No. Do too many get locked up? Yes.

The Big Issue to launch online workshops

REDFERN: A new initiative run out of The Big Issue office in Redfern will enable students across the country to learn about homelessness and disadvantage via the internet.

Helping the homeless

On June 17, Cana hosted a Family Open Day at its new farm in Orchard Hills. Cana Farm is a retreat and training centre....

CEOs sleep rough

Roy Wakelin-King, CEO of the Australian Technology Park (ATP), became aware of the event because the ATP runs Eveleigh Markets and, while he wasn’t...

Big Stay Out for Mini Vinnies

These are just some of the comments made by the student participants in the Mini-Vinnies Stay Out held in the playground of St Mary’s School....

Creative work with young homeless people

Those involved leave no stone unturned in their efforts to communicate their message, stretching their services to numerous public events, advising government policy and...