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Sydney Candidate Profiles – Federal Election 2019

The federal election is Saturday May 18.

Police renew call to dob in dealers

Police across NSW are asking people to report anyone in their community who they think may be dealing drugs

‘The simple pleasures …’

Marcello Araldi is working in his studio called Peace of Redfern. “I love it here,” he says.

Convenience food

Food producers are making life easier for themselves but to the detriment of our health.

Soy – a healthy food, not a wonder drug

So, is soy good or bad for you? There have been a number of scientific studies investigating this question in recent years.

Obesity – government failure

As most of us know, Australia is one of the fattest nations on Earth.

Metabolic Risk – Insulin Resistance

Type 2 diabetes is perhaps the most commonly recognised metabolic disorder in the community.

Pink pills for pale people?

I am often asked about vitamins, supplements and tonics. Aside from specific cases, my general answer is don’t bother, for several reasons. Health supplements are...

Let the sunshine in

In 2012, Medicare paid almost $150 million in rebates for vitamin D testing. Most of this money would have been better spent on priority...

Editorial: Caring for mental health

We all go through hard times. Asking “what do you do to get through hard times?” is a way of foregrounding strength and resilience.

The phantom limb – living with grief and loss

Some typical ways that a person may experience grief: feeling stunned, or “reeling” or disbelieving of what has happened. Feeling numb and/or removed from...

Fresh approach to caring for people in need

BOTANY: The Food Distribution Network (FDN) held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday October 29. The guest speaker for the meeting was Kelly Smith, Nutrition Programs Co-ordinator for Secondbite, with whom FDN shares premises in Margate Street, Botany.

Human services co-ordination

As people with higher and higher needs are allocated public housing in Redfern and Waterloo the need for integrated service delivery grows. It is necessary to ensure people have their complex needs addressed and can maintain their tenancies, and that they do not impact adversely on their neighbours.

Raising a vegetarian child

Ever wondered what effect raising a child from birth as a vegan or vegetarian would have upon their outlook and behaviour? Well, here are some theories.

Nurturing the seeds of recovery

October is Mental Health Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues. The Sunflower Clinic is a specialist service tailored to the needs of people affected by psychosis, and their carers. Julia Jacklin spoke to Alexandra who works at the Burwood Clinic.