Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Pyrmont revitalisation – do we need it?

Like Waterloo, Pyrmont is threatened with “transformation” which could either enhance, or nullify its mixed development and heritage character. Following the Independent Planning Commission NSW’s...

Campaign will push on to strengthen affordable rental targets

NSW government has adopted Sydney Alliance calls for lower-income affordability targets in new developments.

Pressure builds for affordable and secure rental

New developments have increased pressure on the Berejiklian government to act decisively on rental affordability and security.

An Aboriginal affordable housing ask for Waterloo?

One of the big questions about the redevelopment of Waterloo Estate is what will be in this for the Aboriginal community.

Affordable housing – governments must act

All levels of government have responsibilites to act.

Time for leadership on unaffordable rental crisis

Nadine Carrick pays 70 per cent of her income on rent – and her story is by no means unusual in Sydney’s crisis of unaffordable housing.

A ‘global’ Sydney with local consequences

A tale of three cities with economic growth distributed across the metropolis.