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Local artists express community concerns

The inaugural Blak & Blu art award for ink on A4 paper nears its official launch on December 11, 2-4pm, at the Orchard Gallery in Waterloo.

Music – Perry Keyes: Jim Salmon’s Lament

Perry Keyes' latest album tells the story of a family typical of those he grew up with in the James Cook public housing flats in Waterloo.

A battle against extinction in the name of social improvement

Superposition Studio, designed by Future Method, makes a strong point through an artefact.

A new wave of gentrification

The history of gentrification in the inner city is repeating itself, argues Ross Smith. The sole variation is its form – employment gentrification.

Affordable housing in many guises

Those who join the Australians for Affordable Housing campaign, would be struck by how broadly the issue of affordable housing has affected the community. Some of us are aware of the issues faced by pensioners and others on government payments, and the stress faced by those relying on private rental properties. But the breadth and number of people compelled to tell their stories of housing stress, and to have their stories shared, may well be a surprise.

Gentrification of Redfern – a resident’s perspective

For months now I’ve followed with interest the debate surrounding the “gentrification” of Redfern and whether the addition of new small entrepreneurial businesses, such as wine bars and cafes, will kill the spirit of the suburb. Having only moved here in the last couple of years (I wasn’t born in Sydney) and paid a lot of money for an almost unliveable terrace and “yuppified” it with a new paint job and some major “fixing” to create a family home, I am possibly the exact definition of what is perceived as the “wrong” type of person for Redfern and its surrounds.

Behind small bars

REDFERN: With the opening of several small bars on Redfern and Regent streets in recent months, such as the Dock or Arcadia Liquors, Redfern has developed a reputation as the new small bar hotspot. But what draws these bar owners to Redfern and what does it say about Redfern and its inhabitants?