Monday, July 4, 2022
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New harbour walk and artworks honour Aboriginal history and culture

Wiradjuri curator Emily McDaniel has won an inaugural Committee for Sydney award for up-and-coming leaders for her work in creating Yananurala, a new nine-kilometre walk...

Toward a truthful and hopeful national identity

Yabun is upbeat, inspiring, empowering and confronting.

A battle against extinction in the name of social improvement

Superposition Studio, designed by Future Method, makes a strong point through an artefact.

The significance of the ibis

For some time now the Gunyadyu comic has been a regular feature in the SSH. Each issue, with a single image, the artist shares a word from the Dharug language, providing a context in words and scene that also reflect on contemporary Indigenous experience of inner-city living. Gunyadyu episodes range from the sweet and funny to biting and incisive, each one featuring the ibis as a symbol for Indigenous people, depicting urban life with all its ups and downs.

See Sydney pre-1788

Virtual Warrane II evolved from the original and successful Virtual Warrane exhibition showcased five years ago at Sydney’s Customs House. This latest version uses more advanced computer graphics to provide a more realistic, accurate and immersive heritage experience, while respecting the original custodians of Sydney Cove.