Friday, August 12, 2022
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Churches weigh in on no new mines campaign

People might not usually expect to see a sign opposing new coal mines outside a church.

Let’s make 2019 an auspicious year

Looking to the year ahead and what hopes and dreams it may offer for our country, what might Buddhist members of our community wish for?

Love your neighbour as yourself

The reality is that we cannot genuinely love our God if we do not express that love in the world around us.

Life that rises from the dead

Many Australians have their own way of celebrating the Christian season of Easter.

A spirituality for resilience and survival

I lived like that for about 50 years. When my beautiful little son was brain-damaged by his polio vaccine, I quickly put away my...

A spirituality for resilience and survival

Coming from a Scottish Methodist background, I was brought up with sturdy genes for fighting and a spirit which said to me, if I was tired or grieving or anxious, “Pull yourself together and press on.”

Good religion, bad religion

What many of us don’t realise is that what the media report are the new, the different, the unusual. The first three letters of...

Cinderella rising

For this failure by our leaders we are all complicit in a deeply dark episode in our social history

Men, women and God

Centuries after it was compiled, the Bible remains the most challenging and stimulating collection of books ever written, yet there are bits that trouble many people. They include passages that see women as inferior to men, and therefore bound to be subordinate to them. The part of the old marriage service in which the women promises to obey her husband comes from one of these passages.

I know. Do you really?

Over the ages, the most dangerous people are those who think they “know” what life is about and what might, or might not, lie beneath it. They are, of course, fundamentalists and can be found at the margins of every faith and none.

Faith in each other

People often talk about having faith in each other. When we do that, I suspect that we are usually referring to a relationship with someone who “won’t let us down, won’t betray us”. But what really lies within that belief? What is true faith between two people, or within a group of people?