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Parties need to ‘bring it’ to election

It’s that time of the election cycle again when the various parties promise funds for varying issues across the community.

STOP domestic violence – in what universe?

How could we achieve this? We could overhaul our justice and court system to ensure a more appropriate response to sex-based crimes. Perpetrators responsible for...

Theatre Review by Catherine Skipper

Rhymes with Silence 107 Projects, Redfern May 16-24, 2015 A timely offering as the Parramatta Eels linked arms this weekend [May 16] in support of the campaign to end domestic violence, Rhymes with Silence, a collection of new short plays, explores its subject with earnest candour. The 13 plays, written by nine playwrights featuring 26 actors working with 12 directors, have been carefully crafted into an artistic whole beginning with despair and ending in hopefulness.