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Northcott residents stressed by tramway build, new security measures

Construction noise, loss of trees and garden space, constantly changing street access and poor consultation take a toll on Northcott public housing tenants

Redeveloping Waterloo – reactions and rumours

Since returning to work from the festive holidays, our staff members have had a few enquiries about the details of the redevelopment especially from...

Government ignored social impact assessments?

MILLERS POINT: The Millers Point Social Impact Assessment (SIA) commissioned by the government presented a list of mitigation principles to minimise social impact should the government decide to sell public housing in the area’s heritage precinct. The goal of these mitigation principals was to minimise the negative social impacts to the Millers Point community and the broader social housing system of such a sale.

Hollow men and hollow words

On Tuesday November 23, 2010, the Hon. Greg Pearce told the NSW Parliament that there were concerns about the government of the day using special state planning powers and procedures without proper consultation with Department of Housing tenants or surrounding communities, and called on the government to consult each community and address their concerns before plans were finalised and development commenced on proposed public housing developments.

Help around the house

Recently, in response to a query about a small repair job in the church, a helpful parishioner suggested I call OddJobbers. I was given a flyer with a phone number, retrieved with great care from the inner folds of a handbag. I made the call, left a message. Within a couple of days the work was carried out – effectively, in a friendly and humble manner. I was impressed.