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Masterplan released – what is next

No residents will be relocated in 2019 and not for at least another 10 years for those living in the high-rises.

Pathway from out-of-home care to independence

Foyer51 will provide housing and on site support as young people moved out from out-of-home care.

Northcott Pet Day bridges divides 

On September 10, as the polling booths were readying themselves for the local government elections, a group of animal loving stalwarts were preparing for the ninth annual Northcott Pet Day in Ward Park, Surry Hills. 

Cells or flats for social housing?

These overtures began in 2015. The fact that they were kept out of the public arena has added to concerns over the NSW Government’s...

A winnable fight

WATERLOO: The southern corner of Waterloo Green is host to a 40-strong team of tent embassy representatives from the local community. They have set up to make it known to Premier Mike Baird and the multi-tiered state planning apparatus that the time for consultation is over.

Regarding the relocation of local residents

The briefings provided an opportunity for these communities to raise their questions. FaCS acknowledged the lack of further details surrounding the redevelopment but outlined...

Community concerns housed at tenant forum

The NSW government has been operating without a clear social housing policy. One move to rectify this shortcoming was the discussion paper entitled Social Housing in NSW, released in November 2014. In response to the discussion paper and recent changes in the structure of social housing, concerned inner Sydney tenants and community members attended an Inner Sydney Regional Council (ISRC) forum on January 14 to voice their recommendations about alleviating the social housing crisis.

Editorial – March 2013

It is understandable the installation of an Automatic Syringe Dispensing Machine (ASDM) outside the Redfern Community Health Centre has raised community concerns and questions. The issues around illicit drug use are broad and complex, and have been the focus of tensions for many years around the Needle Bus on The Block. Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) has a responsibility to engage the community and to help facilitate community dialogue and understanding, not just to ensure harm minimisation.

Teens in custody rarely a good idea

Is it a good idea to lock up teenagers who are charged with crimes? Except in rare cases – no. Do most kids charged with criminal offences get locked up? No. Do too many get locked up? Yes.