Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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More than just ‘goodness in a box’

BOTANY: The Food Distribution Network (FDN) helps people to make healthy food choices by providing a regular supply of fresh and affordable produce.

New-wave foraging unearths ancient wisdom

A lot has been said lately about using native ingredients as a more sustainable and healthy way to eat, and we can find more and more of them on restaurant menus. Top chefs like Quay’s Peter Gilmore, Ben Shewry and Kylie Kwong have wholeheartedly embraced native ingredients like Warrigal greens, salt bush, finger limes and kangaroo meat. For some people, however, the benefits of native ingredients have always been known, as they were used in Indigenous cooking long before Danish Chef Rene Redzepi, from World’s Best Restaurant “Noma”, made foraging trendy.