Sunday, July 3, 2022
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New active recreational space needed

In the slums of Rio de Janerio there were spaces to play created for children to kick or throw a ball around. Somewhere to meet and laugh, make friends and get fit. Sure, it may be a harsh concrete surface, caged in by a rusty fence on the top of a crumbling building, but it is a space to play – even in the favelas.

Juanita Nielson Centre to be renovated

WOOLLOOMOOLOO: The heritage-listed Juanita Nielson Centre is set to undergo a major makeover in 2014 in an effort to meet the changing demands of its residents and users. Owned and operated by the City of Sydney since 1984, the centre located on the corner of Dowling and Nicholson streets, provides a space for recreation for residents in the Woolloomooloo and Kings Cross areas.