Monday, August 8, 2022
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City’s young achievers an inspiration to all

These awards honour young people social activist Betty Makin would have been proud of.

Community called to action as master planning begins

The extended timeframe allows residents some breathing space as community engagement takes place over the master plan. A community engagement framework developed by FACS...

Triple threat for WestConnex

WestConnex faces a triple threat.

Major concerns over proposed cycleway

1. With the imminent Metro Rail scheme the pressures on Redfern train station will be reduced. If the metro station were to be located...

Lawson Street bike and pedestrian improvements

Connecting the Wilson Street and Wells Street cycleways The proposal includes a separated cycleway across the northern side of the Lawson Street railway bridge, which...

Trouble with private certification

The building construction was privately certified. Under state legislation, private certifiers are responsible for ensuring that building works comply with the approved construction certificate....

ATP sale to proceed

The NSW government will offer the Australian Technology Park (ATP) by invited tender. The decision comes without the body in charge of the sale, UrbanGrowth NSW, having responded to concerns raised about the sale by the City of Sydney or local resident groups encouraged to make submissions.