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Australian churches unite this Christmas to help Covid-ravaged communities around the world

Although Christmas may be different for many of us in this year of pandemic, 1300 churches spanning 15 denominations across Australia have come together to help communities around the...

Volunteers’ News – December 2020

What a year it’s been and with border restrictions easing many families and friends will be able to get together for the holiday period....

Christ won’t leave us in a crisis

Christmas celebrations began many years ago by Christian churches around the world. Now, of course, it is the time when millions of people join...

Pop-up Christmas music to gladden South Sydney

Sydney will sparkle and buzz this Christmas, with pop-up musical performances in local neighbourhoods, light displays, decorations, roving performers and more Christmas trees than...

Being a Jew at Christmas time

It is hard to ignore Christmas around us, especially the parties and gift-giving. But it is not a part of our tradition. We do...

Christmas with the poor and lowly

It is with the poor and the lowly, as the carol “Once in Royal David’s City” reminds us, that divinity breaks forth and is...

Celebrating Christmas

As we approach Christmas, whether we are Christian or not, we might reflect on what lies beneath the various types of celebrations which usually take place.

‘Kind-fronting’ Christmas with confidence

Christmas is a wonderful time when celebrations, religious and secular, abound. Children and adults enjoy what we call in Australia “the holiday season”. Sometimes it comes as a shock that Christmas can be a time of challenge and heartache as relationships and friendships fray.

Editorial – December 2013: Appealing options for Christmas

Red Cross invites customers to visit their nearest Red Cross Shop to buy Kris Kringle gifts. Not only will you be supporting the great work of Red Cross, but you may even find the perfect novelty gift with hundreds of new and used items under $10.

Divine life is born among us

Christmas can be a special time for many people, whether they are religious, or not. Families come together and share food and gifts and there is a widespread sense of celebration. All communities need times like that – times when we pause from our usual patterns of life and give a new focus to the possibility of love and generosity. Of course, we can’t romanticise this.