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A Pilgrimage to Eternity – from Canterbury to Rome in Search...

Timothy Egan’s book is part travelogue, part memoir, part meditation on the past and future of Christianity and part history of the Church in Europe.

‘Let your yes be yes …’

A traditional reading for Christmas Day is taken from the first chapter of St John’s gospel: “The Word became flesh …” We might think...

Looking after creation – a Buddhist perspective

We all live in a creation, no matter how we view its origins. The world we live in is a creation, whether by the...

Faith must be more than a theory

It is human and tempting to regard ourselves as “people of faith” if we believe in some form of God. We may even see...

Taizé – beauty, community, justice, peace

The two most significant periods in the year for Christians are Christmas and Easter.

The significance of Easter

The two most significant periods in the year for Christians are Christmas and Easter.

Making our own good luck

For example, take the common words of wisdom, “you reap what you sow”. All three religious traditions warn us that what happens to us...

Thoughts from Bishop Gene Robinson

When we consider our views of people who are different from ourselves, “tolerance” is a bad word. It is often used in relation to...

Searching for the truth

One reality about being people of faith is that we can never claim to know the whole truth. Only God knows that. This makes it all the more important for us to have the courage and conviction to challenge each other and to enter into sometimes costly dialogue in order to search for what is true. In recent times, the congregation at St Saviour’s Anglican Church in Redfern has made significant changes to the way it will live out what it believes to be its mission.

Book Review:Dark Night – Walking with McCahon

Why would Sydneysiders want to read a book about Colin McCahon, who died in 1987? In 1984, Colin McCahon and his wife were in Sydney, to celebrate a small retrospective of his work at the Power Institute (University of Sydney). It was during this time that McCahon became lost, confused and went missing. His wife and friends found him, 28 hours later, in St Vincent’s Hospital. The police had picked him up in Centennial Park in the small hours of the morning. This was probably the first dramatic sign of the illness that eventually claimed the life of this great New Zealand artist.

No more secrets

I have found this particularly challenging to know what to say about the tragedy of the destruction of people’s lives through the sexual abuse, especially of the young, by people representing the church. Priests are seen by society, and indeed by many Catholics, as the problem or a potential danger in this regard and thus the least qualified to speak. I have a real fear of making matters worse.

Peace be with you

What is true peace? When the Christ offered this peace to his friends, he said: “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give...