Friday, July 1, 2022
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Australian Technology Park to be sold

The proposed ATP sale has been met with concern by REDWatch which was successful in requesting City of Sydney Council to undertake an assessment...

Engagement means a chance of being heard

As has been said often, this is a 30-year project. No need to rush. Yet rushing they are. I have just now learned that expressions of interest for the purchase of the Australian Technology Park close at the end of January, with a decision as to whether to proceed with a sale to be made in February, just a month before the next NSW elections!

Redfern station remains top priority

After two years of consultation and a recent community workshop, a full upgrade of Redfern Station remains the top issue for residents, students and commuters in the billion dollar plus Central to Eveleigh Corridor Project.

Local communities must stand up for themselves now

One such emerging priority for communities in South Sydney is the Central to Eveleigh Corridor Development. Even at this early stage, the Central to Eveleigh...