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Big Issue Vendor Profile: Dave S.

Four years ago, longstanding vendor Dave S. settled into steady accommodation for the first time in 15 years. Now he shares some of the...

Big Issue vendor profile: Mick

Big Issue vendor Mick shares his moving story with the SSH.

Big Issue Vendor Profile: Katherine

Katherine has been selling the Big Issue since June and is currently selling the magazine around Central station. Her story is both incredible and a testament to the kind and persevering person that she is.

The Big Issue Vendor Profile: Glenn F.

Glenn first began work with The Big Issue seven years ago. Medical issues were causing him much distress when looking for a job. Glenn knew he needed a reliable job that he would be able to do and excel at. Glenn had seen Big Issue vendors on the street, and knew it would be a good fit for him. “I needed to do something active, something that would get me up and out, earning myself a good income.”