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New harbour walk and artworks honour Aboriginal history and culture

Wiradjuri curator Emily McDaniel has won an inaugural Committee for Sydney award for up-and-coming leaders for her work in creating Yananurala, a new nine-kilometre walk...

Barangaroo, Millers Point and the post-Green Ban city

Mention you’re an Australian urban academic anywhere in the world and someone is bound to ask about the Green Bans.

Barangaroo, Millers Point and the post-Green Ban city

Green Ban was a form of political action established in 1970s Sydney. The movement incorporated an eccentric mix of resident action groups, feminists, gay...

Hollow men and hollow words

On Tuesday November 23, 2010, the Hon. Greg Pearce told the NSW Parliament that there were concerns about the government of the day using special state planning powers and procedures without proper consultation with Department of Housing tenants or surrounding communities, and called on the government to consult each community and address their concerns before plans were finalised and development commenced on proposed public housing developments.

Proposed drunken violence laws stir up debate

Parliament is set to be recalled early to consider a package of legislative reforms, which could be in place by early 2014. The proposed changes...

Splash of colour for Barangaroo foreshore

Young artists, from Weave Youth Services and The Settlement Neighbourhood Centre, have designed a series of panels that will be used to brighten construction group Baulderstone’s site operations at Barangaroo’s Headland Park.

See Sydney pre-1788

Virtual Warrane II evolved from the original and successful Virtual Warrane exhibition showcased five years ago at Sydney’s Customs House. This latest version uses more advanced computer graphics to provide a more realistic, accurate and immersive heritage experience, while respecting the original custodians of Sydney Cove.