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People call on the government to ‘fund our future not gas’

On September 25, people gathered across Australia to call on the government to “fund our future not gas”.  Six hundred and thirty actions were registered...

Racing to save the Reef

Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) volunteers stood at the City2Surf starting line and called on Westpac to pre-emptively declare it will not fund the Abbot Point-X coal port expansion in the Great Barrier Reef.

Delegates urge action on climate change

A group of four young leaders from Tuvalu and Kiribati visited Australia in late May and early June as part of a leadership training program organised by the Pacific Calling Partnership (PCP), an initiative of the Edmund Rice Centre. Since it began in 2006 the PCP has sought opportunities for islander communities to be heard so that industrialised nations might listen and take heed of their moral obligations with respect to greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on vulnerable nations.

A different kind of protest

Traditionally, the stereotype of social justice action portrays angry placard holders shouting slogans of condemnation at institutions. However, an Australian environmental youth organisation has taken a different approach and it has proven successful.

Troublemakers, clowns and prophets

"Every little thing that somebody does makes a difference. But if one person does something, then encourages another person to do the same thing, and that person gets somebody else on board and so on, that will ultimately change the world. Just by loving one other person we can make the world a better place. It's not simple, but in some ways it is."