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Volunteers’ News – June 2021

It is 10 years since our beloved founding editor Trevor Davies died and we remember him with love and affection. We're also grateful for all who have helped the paper to continue to thrive since then, including our brilliant cartoonist norrie mAy-welby who is having an exhibition in June.

Innovation Plaza – public space or retail encroachment?

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is hoping for approval to start work on the Redfern Station Southern Concourse before Christmas so it can use seasonal track closures. So expect activity at the station and occasional closures to the platform 10 exit.

Community opposition to Mirvac DA for loco workshop

The workshops are recognised within Australia and internationally for their exceptional heritage significance.

Still no plan for Redfern station upgrade

Another stopgap measure for Redfern station, but still no plan for a desparately needed full station upgrade.

Remembering the Great Strike of 1917

Do you or your family and stories or memorabilia of the 1917 strike?

Technology Park sold

Prior to the sale, the Council-approved subdivision of the ATP was registered ensuring that the public domain was defined and separated from the existing...

Lift-off for Platforms 6-7!

When it was formed in 2012, the Lift Redfern campaign sought one lift immediately, as an interim measure, and the release of the timetable...

Innovation, sustainability, community and heritage

Bright orange signage emblazoned with the words, “innovation, sustainability and community”, welcomes visitors at all major entrances to the Australian Technology Park (ATP). Banners along all pedestrian and bicycle pathways throughout the site also include the word “heritage”, but they all ring hollow to local residents’ groups as the government proceeds with its plans to sell the ATP.

Disturbin’ Growth

“Central to Eveleigh” includes a stretch of publically owned land known as the Australian Technology Park, which among other things, houses the Eveleigh Locomotive...

See the ATP before it’s too late!

In its submission to UrbanGrowth NSW, the state-owned corporation responsible for the sale process, community group REDWatch pointed out that an approved subdivision appears...

A day to make a difference

The Cruelty Free Festival aims to encourage people to make simple choices in their everyday lives to help save animals from cruelty and abuse.

Local communities must stand up for themselves now

One such emerging priority for communities in South Sydney is the Central to Eveleigh Corridor Development. Even at this early stage, the Central to Eveleigh...

Back-tracking to days of steam power

EVELEIGH: Over 400 locals, railway enthusiasts and industrial heritage buffs were transported to a bygone era of steam trains and handmade machinery at the Heritage Community Days on May 16 and 17 at the Australian Technology Park and the Large Erecting Shop.

Central to Eveleigh redevelopment – it’s big!

NSW cabinet recently decided redevelopment of the railway corridor stretching three kilometres from the CBD’s Goulburn Street car park to Macdonaldtown would be part of an international Expression Of Interest (EOI) process.

Adaptive reuse of the Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Office

Recent conservation maintenance has been undertaken by Urbangrowth NSW in preparation for the adaptive reuse of the Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Office (SSH, March). Whilst maintaining the building is seen as a positive step towards maintaining its heritage significance, the question still remains regarding what the CME will eventually become.

Flowers at Redfern Station?

REDFERN: Back in 1985 Redfern Station won the Best Station Garden competition over 90 other railway stations. It took nine months for its dedicated Station Master, Hilton South, to create the beautiful flowerbeds, and he and his staff worked long hours on their own time to maintain them.

UrbanGrowth in Redfern-Waterloo

The state government authority responsible for delivering the BEP2 planning controls for public housing estates in Redfern and Waterloo and for planning on the former Eveleigh Railyards has made yet another transformation. The SMDA, which was formally the RWA, became the UrbanGrowth Development Corporation (UGDC) on January 1. The UGDC retains the SMDA’s Growth Centres powers which allow it to compulsorily acquire land and consolidate it in designated growth centres (currently Redfern-Waterloo and Granville). It will play a broader re-development role alongside a partner agency called UrbanGrowth NSW.

High tea in the outdoors

DARLINGTON: On Sunday November 25, Charlie’s Garden in Charles Kernan Reserve (corner of Abercrombie and Shepherd streets) celebrated the grand opening of their new shed with sculptural features made by Wrought Artworks, the heritage blacksmiths at the Australian Technology Park. Lord Mayor Clover Moore, long-time supporter of the garden, was special guest for a high tea hosted by performer Ru Bella.

CEOs sleep rough

Roy Wakelin-King, CEO of the Australian Technology Park (ATP), became aware of the event because the ATP runs Eveleigh Markets and, while he wasn’t...