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A Pilgrimage to Eternity – from Canterbury to Rome in Search...

Timothy Egan’s book is part travelogue, part memoir, part meditation on the past and future of Christianity and part history of the Church in Europe.

My friend’s story

Just before Christmas 2018 my friend rang me saying he was handcuffed and in a cell. My friend had committed no crime.

Palm Sunday rallies refugee support

About 2,000 people gathered at Belmore Park in the CBD for this year’s Palm Sunday rally and march through Broadway to Victoria Park in Camperdown. The event focused on support for refugees.

We can do better for people seeking asylum

Local constituents are meeting with federal MPs across Sydney to discuss the rights of people seeking asylum in the community.

#WeCanDoBetter for people seeking asylum – time to meet with MPs

In the lead-up to the federal election raise your voice and tell your local MPs that #WeCanDoBetter for people seeking asylum.

Youth festival shines a light on justice issues

Issues like refugees, drug law reform and social justice advocacy took centre stage at Yurora National Christian Youth Convention.

‘We Can Do Better’ – Hope for a better way for...

Uniting Church congregations and Uniting staff have joined in symbolic action for refugees and people seeking asylum surrounding “Hope Sunday”, November 27.

Uniting backs a National Summit on asylum seekers

Give Hope: Uniting for Asylum Seekers campaign

Let them stay – sanctuary for children 

Sanctuary: To you and I, perhaps, this word conjures up a weekend away, a spa or even just a few moments of peace from the everyday commotion. But for 267 asylum seekers in Australia, including 37 babies born in Australia and kids currently going to local primary schools, this word holds out the promise of life.

No refugee crisis in Australia

Horror, hope and humanity were the themes that dominated the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Rights Symposium held at Customs House.

Grandmothers protest the detention of children

Bold grannies sang songs of justice and compassion in a city march protesting against the detention of refugee children.

Taking a stance against wilful ignorance

The SSH hears from four brave whistleblower-activists who are risking everything to expose the hard truth about Australia's treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

Sydney grannies protest child detention

GADRC talked to the public about the predicament of these children, expressing their abhorrence at the inhumane practice by this government of detaining refugee...

Broad coalition of support for refugees

A huge rally in support of refugees was held in Belmore Park on Sunday April 19. Speakers included Graeme McGregor, Refugee Campaign Coordinator, Amnesty International Australia; Ged Kearney, President ACTU; Dr Sue Wareham, Medical Association for the Prevention of War; Kyol Blakeney, President Sydney Uni SRC; Lydia Shelly, Islamophobia Register; and Shokufa Tahiri, a Hazara refugee.

Church leaders ‘sit-in’ for asylum seekers

On Monday May 19 church leaders were among two groups of Christians to hold simultaneous sit-in prayer vigils at the Sydney office of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Melbourne office of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

Prayerful protest for refugees

On the afternoon of Friday March 21, SBS news reported that five people had been arrested after holding a prayer vigil in protest against the government’s asylum seeker policy. A group of nine protesters held the vigil in the foyer of the Sydney office of Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, in reaction to what they described as Australia’s “cruel treatment” of asylum seekers.

Guest Editorial March 2014: Dismay over refugee policy

The Australian government’s asylum seeker policy is problematic on many levels. The very notion that we accept brutalising a desperate minority in order to...

Editorial – August 2013

On Saturday August 3 a Service of Lament was held at the Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney. The Social Justice Forum, which brings together the Uniting Church and its community service and social justice division of UnitingCare NSW.ACT, called the Service to express sadness and concern at the treatment of asylum seekers.

Refugee forum channels despair into action

PADDINGTON: A range of actions that aim to challenge the way Australia treats asylum seekers will be implemented, following a well-attended forum at Paddington Uniting Church on April 30.

Multicultural country, Aboriginal land

DARLINGTON: In welcoming people to a passport ceremony at The Settlement Neighbourhood Centre, Ray Jackson, President of the Indigenous Social Justice Association, said: “This day is about Aboriginal people showing respect to people who in return respect us as the sovereign owners of this land.”

No longer a silent hero

Balmain resident Frances Milne was recently awarded the Order of Australia during this year’s Queen’s Birthday celebrations. Frances discusses why she decided to accept the award and why she wants to stop being a silent hero when it comes to asylum seekers.