Monday, August 8, 2022
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Fix NSW Transport rally

Marching protesters stopped traffic in the Sydney CBD on Saturday February 17 as they rallied to ‘Fix NSW Transport’.

Focus shifts to Central and ‘Midtown’

Last December Minister Constance decided to “push Central through”. He defined this site as 20 hectares of the station building and airspace, with “real investment opportunities”.

Disability homes for young people

Jock Watson is one of 7,500 young Australians with a disability who has been stuck in a nursing home. A nursing home was the only place Jock could go to receive full-time care. Living with the elderly who were closer to the end of their lives than the beginning, Jock missed out on interacting with other young people. This changed recently when he moved to Sylvanvale’s Caringbah accommodation facility for people with a disability.