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Thank you to our volunteers for 2018

Letter-writing for human rights

When a person has taken time out of the day to sit down and pen a letter, determined to communicate with only you, what a lift it gives you.

Who we want to be

Cultural change demands the difficult and patient work of social critique and institutional reform.

Two generations of Amnesty

Dora Eisenberg’s story could easily be something you’d read in a book that you wouldn’t want to put down.

Let them stay – sanctuary for children 

Sanctuary: To you and I, perhaps, this word conjures up a weekend away, a spa or even just a few moments of peace from the everyday commotion. But for 267 asylum seekers in Australia, including 37 babies born in Australia and kids currently going to local primary schools, this word holds out the promise of life.

The cost of speaking your mind – How an Iranian...

On the day of her wedding, Bahareh Hedayat should have been enjoying the crazed preparations for the celebration. Instead, the Iranian student activist was...

Amnesty supports Indigenous-led community solutions

Indigenous young people are more likely to be incarcerated today than at any time since 1991. This issue needs Indigenous-led community solutions, says Amnesty International.

Refugee forum channels despair into action

PADDINGTON: A range of actions that aim to challenge the way Australia treats asylum seekers will be implemented, following a well-attended forum at Paddington Uniting Church on April 30.