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AMPLIFY brings large-scale art to Carriageworks

Over four days in September, Carriageworks will host Sydney Contemporary’s AMPLIFY, which is staging 16 large-scale installations from renowned contemporary artists.

Blak & Blu art award draws passionate responses

Blak & Blu art award for ink on A4 paper showed just how passionate the artists who entered are about social justice said judge and multiple Archibald Prize Finalist Kathrin Longhurst.

Local artists express community concerns

The inaugural Blak & Blu art award for ink on A4 paper nears its official launch on December 11, 2-4pm, at the Orchard Gallery in Waterloo.

Local Government Elections 2021 – City of Sydney

The NSW local government elections will be held on Saturday, December 4. Candidates from six parties responded to three key prompts on progress, community...

Waterloo South taking shape

The Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment (DPIE) has released its assessment of Waterloo South. As it was the Council proposal, with three towers on...

Aboriginal affordable housing – call for action

On September 21 the Redfern Waterloo Alliance of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations and Allies launched its campaign to seek government action and targets for...

Aboriginal affordable housing a crucial priority

The place we call Redfern and Waterloo has been home to Aboriginal people for 60,000 years. It has offered belonging, safety and inclusion for...

Diverse communities raise voice for affordable housing and energy

They came from as far afield as Dubbo, the Hunter and the Illawarra – and from across Greater Sydney.

Pemulwuy gets underway

REDFERN: Tuesday March 26 saw the “turning of the soil” for the Aboriginal Housing Company’s (AHC) long-awaited Pemulwuy project.

Waterloo artist explores place amid displacement

Camden, Brooklyn, Waterloo is an exhibition about place – a challenging theme for an artist living in social housing and who has no idea...

Berejiklian government urged to ‘do density well’

Community organisations across Sydney are urging the Berejiklian government to shift the focus of housing development away from quantity and towards affordability for lower-income earners.

Campaign will push on to strengthen affordable rental targets

NSW government has adopted Sydney Alliance calls for lower-income affordability targets in new developments.

Who we want to be

Cultural change demands the difficult and patient work of social critique and institutional reform.

The Social Justice Forum – mission into action

The Uniting Church takes its social justice mission seriously – and its Social Justice Forum team is back on deck in 2018 to put mission into action.

Pressure builds for affordable and secure rental

New developments have increased pressure on the Berejiklian government to act decisively on rental affordability and security.

An Aboriginal affordable housing ask for Waterloo?

One of the big questions about the redevelopment of Waterloo Estate is what will be in this for the Aboriginal community.

More housing options for key workers

Amid increasingly unaffordable rents in Redfern, the SSH welcomes the Lord Mayor’s commitment to negotiate the sale of the Redfern depot site.

Waterloo, forever

A community land trust would serve people, not profit, in perpetuity.

Housing affordability – time for NSW to turn words into action

Housing experts and NGOs argue a 15-30 per cent minimum for affordable housing should apply to all units in new developments.

Rachel Forster increase?

Developer wants to increase the number of units in its plans on former Rachel Forster site in Redfern.

A ‘global’ Sydney with local consequences

A tale of three cities with economic growth distributed across the metropolis.

Campaign to bring Sydney rents back within reach of lower incomes

The Uniting Church and its partners in the Sydney Alliance are mounting a concerted campaign to bring Sydney’s soaring rentals back within the reach of people on lower incomes.

A bridge between public and private housing

Dr Louise Crabtree from the University of Western Sydney’s Institute for Culture and Society described affordable housing as the “bridge” between public and private...

The need for affordable housing

Affordable housing refers to “reasonable” housing costs in relation to income. A common benchmark is that affordable housing is housing that does not absorb...

Habitable and affordable homes

The saying goes, "You can judge a city by the way it treats its poorest citizen," Councillor Linda Scott reminded Labor politicians at the ALP's 47th National Conference.

Supreme Court rules on Block dispute

The Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) last month obtained a Supreme Court order to remove protestors from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy at The Block.

Joint statement on housing affordability

Housing and homelessness is reaching a crisis point in NSW. Peak bodies have issued a joint statement outlining their position.

Vinnies calls for affordable housing and energy reforms

The Statement links NSW’s high rate of rental stress (30 per cent of total income spent on housing costs) for low-income households to a...

North Eveleigh by 2015

In March the SSH revealed that the RWA had secured funding in April 2010 from the Federal Housing Affordability Fund. While this was only finalised earlier this year the SMDA has been preparing plans to deliver 61 affordable housing units at North Eveleigh by December 2014.

More young people falling by the Wayside

KINGS CROSS: Demand on youth services in Kings Cross is growing as more young people drift into the area.

More affordable and accessible housing needed

Despite a decrease in the official number of Sydney’s homeless, experts are warning of rising numbers of street sleepers unless more affordable housing is made available.

What a life! – Valé Col James AM(1936-2013)

If Col James had a passion, it was undoubtedly housing – not just the creation of a building but adding to the lives of so many, often vulnerable people who longed for a home. He used his architectural skills to engage with all sorts of groups of people – students, Aboriginal communities and the homeless. Gentle soul that he was, he was still a very determined fighter.

Solving the housing crisis

As house prices climb beyond the reach of more families and rents rise even faster, more and more Australians are experiencing housing stress. Instead of seeking solutions to this crisis, the NSW Government has turned its back on the problem in the vain hope that the markets will solve it. The markets have no interest in people in stress, low socio-economic groups and especially the homeless. The problems are set to get a whole lot worse.

Human services co-ordination

As people with higher and higher needs are allocated public housing in Redfern and Waterloo the need for integrated service delivery grows. It is necessary to ensure people have their complex needs addressed and can maintain their tenancies, and that they do not impact adversely on their neighbours.

Affordable housing in many guises

Those who join the Australians for Affordable Housing campaign, would be struck by how broadly the issue of affordable housing has affected the community. Some of us are aware of the issues faced by pensioners and others on government payments, and the stress faced by those relying on private rental properties. But the breadth and number of people compelled to tell their stories of housing stress, and to have their stories shared, may well be a surprise.

City West in North Eveleigh

City West Housing (CWH) has been appointed as the affordable housing provider for the North Eveleigh affordable housing project initiated by the RWA now UrbanGrowth Development Corporation. CWH is to undertake the design, seek planning approval, construct and manage a minimum of 61 affordable housing units at North Eveleigh. The final number of units will be determined through the design stage.

Work starts on North Eveleigh

Roadwork on the western entrance to North Eveleigh and Carriageworks will commence immediately and be completed by June 2013 to allow work to commence on the affordable housing development by mid-2013.

SMDA releases affordable housing details

The SMDA strategy has dropped early RWA references to home ownership and concentrates exclusively on rental housing within the framework of the existing NSW...