Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Writers within reach

DARLINGTON: More than 400 Australian-based speakers and 15 international writers (via video) discussed Within Reach – the theme of the 23rd Sydney Writers’ Festival,...

Just making faces

An important condition of the Archibald Prize is that the portrait of an individual “distinguished in the arts, letters, science or politics” has to...

Let’s get real

Adam Goodes deserves respect. In light of the blatant racism towards Goodes, the AFL needs to manage the cultural crisis on its hands.

Australian of the Year – Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes has long been engaged in various good causes. In what follows he talks with Julie McCrossin about his role as a Qantas...

Swans combine for Kool Kids

Sydney Swans pair Adam Goodes and Lewis Jetta teamed up for some terrific goals in season 2012, and now they’re aiming to combine for another – to help keep the doors open at Weave’s Kool Kids Club in Waterloo.