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Redfern station accessibility upgrade

REDFERN: In late February, as the government went into caretaker mode, a $100 million accessibility upgrade for Redfern station was announced.

Inclusive sports: a new guide for Sydney 

The City of Sydney has a new inclusive sports and recreation directory, including targeted and adapted programs for people with disability, and inclusive programs that everyone can take part in. 

NSW fails easy access

Transport for NSW issued its Disability Action Plan 2012–2017 in December 2012. The Action Plan confirms that Transport NSW has not met the Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992 target of having 55 per cent of stations accessible by 2012. Under the Act, 90 per cent of stations are to be accessible by 2017 and 100 per cent by 2022.

Lift Redfern campaign – Where to next?

REDFERN: Since the parliamentary debate in August last year regarding the lack of accessibility at Redfern station, and a petition of over 11,000 signatures, the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan has been released. It recognises that an upgrade at Redfern is needed but sees it as only a medium-term priority, which optimistically means we could be waiting another five to 10 years for any work to begin at the station.

Redfern Station not high priority

The draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan released in September recognises that work is required on Redfern Station, but sees it only as a medium-term priority. If you do not agree with the proposed timeframe then you should take the opportunity to say so before the exhibition closes on October 26 on the feedback form for section 3 or 4 of the Draft Plan.