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Learning from our Indigenous people

This became particularly vivid to me on a recent visit to the vast red centre of our country at Uluru. Just standing and looking...

Vale Neil Lewis Stuart (16/1/1937 – 26/5/2016)

Neil Lewis Stuart passed away on May 26. In early June a gathering was held in Katoomba, his home since the late 1980s, to commemorate and celebrate Neil’s life.

National pride?

Uncle Allan Madden delivered a warm Welcome to Country. He described the land of the Eora lying between the three rivers – the Hawkesbury...

The King and Queen Country Gala Show

The King and Queen Country Gala Show came from a dream long held by Jeff Simms – to take a top-class variety show to the outback towns of Australia.

Support Aboriginal Legal Service

Not only are we experiencing rates of child removal faster than at any time during the Stolen Generation, we’re also determining a path for...

Dreaming beyond, injustice remembered

REDFERN: Despite the bleak weather, there was a healthy bustle in Redfern Park on Harmony Day, breathing life into the Dreaming Beyond Festival.

Not lifestyle choices, survival choices

Tony Abbott, self-appointed Minister for Indigenous Affairs, has raised a storm of protest over his support for West Australian Premier Colin Barnett’s decision to close 150 remote Aboriginal communities and especially over his assertion that the taxpayer should not be called on to fund the “lifestyle choices” of people who live in them.